Helpful Tips for Financing a New Car Purchase

If you are thinking about buying a new car there are a number of finance options available that could help you to afford this type of large purchase. Financing a new car can be a daunting task for some consumers as they may be nervous about taking on additional credit responsibilities. However if you take the time to understand the options available and manage your credit carefully then buying a car on finance can be a very effective way to fund your next car.

Tip 1: Understand Your Budget

Car finance can help you to buy a much better car than you might have been able to afford out of your income alone. However it is important not to get carried away otherwise you could end up overstretching your finances. This could be a burden on you for months and even years to come. Therefore it is essential that before you go out and start looking at cars that you sit down and go through your incomings and outgoings. Look at your current debt and expenses and set aside a manageable amount of money that you can allocate towards paying off a car loan or credit agreement. This will help you to judge how much you can afford to borrow against your new car. Once you have a sensible figure in mind you can then go out and start looking for your new car.

Tip 2: Talk to Your Local Dealer

It may be your first instinct to go to your bank for credit products but the face of finance is changing. The economic problems of the last few years have affected banks significantly and you will find that products such as personal loans are no longer as competitive as they used to be. In fact these days car dealers are able to offer some the best deals on car financing on the market. This means that it can actually be cheaper for you overall to buy and finance your car from the same place. Dealership car finance can also offer a number of other benefits to consumers as well. You can find some very competitive extras such as warranties and free servicing agreements that you wouldn’t get from a comparable personal loan from your local dealer. It is also much more convenient to get your car finance from the same place you are buying the car from. You could have your application approved and drive away your new car in just a few hours.

Tip 3: Deposits

Car finance is a lot more affordable if you can save up some money towards a deposit. This will mean you will be able to borrow less money in the first place so that you pay back less in interest overall. A deposit will also make you a more favourable lending risk for finance providers and can help you to get a much more competitive deal. Many car finance products such as Hire Purchase Agreements (HP) do require a small deposit of at least 10% of the car purchase price.

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