How To Use A Facebook Fan Page Effectively

Here you will learn the simple yet powerful art of how to use a Facebook fan page effectively. They are quick to create, free and great for free targeted traffic.

Starting and maintaining a great Facebook fan page is a very powerful way to get free targeted traffic to your websites and offers.

All you have to do is to create a page by going to ‘create a page’ in your Facebook account and deciding upon which market area your page falls into and once you have completed this you can go in and design your page.

Ensure your page shows highly targeted images that are relevant to your topic or niche market and create a wallpaper image keeping it congruent with your profile image. Then choose a Facebook name for your page by going into settings and adding your desired name.

This name that you choose also has to be relevant of course and once chosen will be permanent so ensure it is keyword rich.

You can then add either affiliate links to your page or videos, articles and free value. You can use a combination of various free marketing tools to add value. The point here is to be the ‘GO TO PAGE and authority’ on the topic of your choice.

Next, start to invite ‘the right people’ to like your page.

What’s important is that your likes are targeted as it’s NOT JUST THE AMOUNT of likes as much as the quality of your likes. This is because if each person wants what you have they will click through in your links and free content so each person has to be relevant and likely to click through.

Eventually you will reach 100 likes of friends, and the right people and if you have designed it right the likes will begin trickling through and increasing virally.


Don’t create a page that looks all sales driven, try and make the page VALUABLE and GIVE A LOT of information. The bi-product is that you get free traffic to your website URL and possibly sales all by sharing. You can set up a few pages in the niches that you operate in and tweak them as you go along to see which ones are most effective.

Next you can scale up your most effective pages and let go of the rest so that your page/s are automatically and powerfully bringing you free traffic.

You can share your…


And more. So, just think of the traffic and sales you can get just by doing this for free.


The next thing to do is go and look at some awesome fan pages with highly responsive fans and see what they are doing. It really is very easy to create a page and you can have one done within an hour from now that is already drawing in targeted traffic for you. So just see which ones are the awesome ones. Often it could be the simplest pages that work best, it’s about how they make a person FEEL.


If you would like to know more detail about how to set up your page and ensure that it is very effective, consider looking at my website and you will get a ton of free tips that can help you right now. This is not difficult at all and by taking action you can have a great Facebook fan page working for you automatically.

Finally, bear in mind that, pages are amazing free marketing tools that can drastically help your business online grow every day, so not taking action means you are missing out NOW on free leverage which can grow your business very quickly indeed.

No matter what area of business or online business you are in, you have to use and benefit from the Facebook boom as people’s eyes are there so get in front of them.

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