How Social Networking Can Help You Get a Job

Social networking, while a huge component of life, is still a new environment in the grand scheme of things. The growth potential of each of these communities is incredible and that accounts for the hundreds of millions of dollars dumped into each of these social networking companies by investors year after year. However there is great debate over how social networking truly can be capitalized on other than as a community of like minded people. 

One area though that social networking has quickly caught on is the area of recruiting. It did not take people, the social networking sites, employers or human resources departments long to realize that the same tools that job seekers had been using for years could be used by them to get information about prospective employees. In fact there has been no shortage of news stories on this phenomenon. What we want to take a look at today is how you as a job seeker can use this social networking to help you position yourself correctly so that prospective employers can find out what they need to about you. In doing this we will also look at how you can irrevocable hurt yourself in the search for a job through social networking. 

Finally, we will delve into the jobs that are helped and hurt the most by this glut of information available through the different networks. Now, I want to go on record that I in no way believe that a person should have to censor themselves in any way. However, what we are looking at here is how you can position yourself for employers on the internet therefore we will be talking about things people should and shouldn’t do. If you as an individual wish to go forward with whatever, realize the greatest asset of social networking and the internet is that you can be who you want and present yourself the way you wish. Just realize with that right is the responsibilities and consequences that come with the decisions that each individual makes. With that in mind let us dig deeper into how you can start to improve your chances of getting that job you applied for with the help of your social networking network.

When I first started posting on the internet the free information this blog provides about personal branding and social networking I was questioned constantly about how it can affect and assist in finding and keeping a job but I wanted to research the topic more before I wrote an article on it. I wanted to know what employers were looking at online when scouting individual employees. This will help us when it comes to looking at how to position your network to be as effective as possible in helping you with your job search. The first place I went to was an article from Linda Roeder written on June 16th of this year. 

This article states without a shadow of a doubt that companies are in a large way using social networking and the percentages are extremely high. Her numbers come from a poll released by Jumpstart Media, a company started by Digital Brand Expressions which is a search marketing consulting firm that helps Fortune 1000 companies with their digital branding. In the poll released June 9th of this year 75% of the hiring managers surveyed utilized LinkedIn, they stated that they used Facebook and 26% of them responded that they use Twitter. When further asked why, the managers responded that they were looking for the “professionalism of the person beyond the resume”. 

This means to me that employers are depending on social networking to get a closer look at the person behind the professional protection often provided by a resume and cover letter. This could mean looking at the groups you belong to, the blogs you have RSS feeding into your profiles, how you are at presenting yourself through written, verbal or visual communication depending on how much multimedia is integrated into your site and simply put your pictures that are publicly available. This means that you truly want to paint a picture of professionalism, especially on LinkedIn, but also on Facebook and now on Twitter as well.

The question I get asked all the time is “How do I do this?” There are countless ways of doing this, but none of them are “easy” and all of them take diligence and work on your part to maintain. The first is to take a look at everything you have posted in each of your accounts and make sure that they are helpful to you professionally. This might mean taking some pictures down and storing them on your hard drive and backing them up in a different way. This could mean rewriting the bio that you have on your social networking accounts. It might mean changing the articles that you share with people through the mediums such as Twitter and of course it could mean not necessarily always giving your true emotions on your updates. All of these items help paint a picture of you as the individual and no matter what is in the cover letter or the resume, the information that is found in an account that is seen as “totally personal” will always be given more weight in an individual’s mind as “the true you”. 

The next thing that a person will want to do after they have cleansed the accounts they have is frequently update the social networking and keep it active. The reason for this is not just so a company sees that you are a “dedicated and hard working” individual, but this also helps increase the relevancy of the sights that you have altered, and that will help you in the search engines. If this sounds daunting, there are companies and individuals that help people put together plans that can accomplish these goals and in some cases even help them maintain the accounts they have put together. This is what I do for a living when I am not writing and updating my blogs and accounts and many of my mentors and teachers are also involved in this area as well. Now hopefully you are not exhausted yet because this just the first steps in how you can use social networking to help you in a job search, and this is the most reactionary of all. In most cases this is preemptive work that you have done to make sure you are ready.

The next thing we have to look for in this area is how you can make what is called an irrevocably or almost unchangeable decision that can hurt you when it comes to your social networks. These areas are touched on in an article by Linda Roeder entitled “Your Website Can Affect Other Parts of Your Life” in this article she gives a list of items that can affect and in that list is losing your job and trouble with the law or media. In both of these cases you can do something that could make getting that job harder or in some cases impossible. The first one and this is more a problem with the current youth, is the posting of pictures of people at parties in compromising positions or “having too much fun”. 

In some cases this is not done by the person themselves but by a third party that was taking pictures with a cell phone or digital camera and then posts the pictures to show how great a party or get together it is. Now with the tagging feature in Facebook and other great features that allow people to point out exactly who you are, you can end up with a not so great searchable image on Google or attached to your account when some searches for you when you apply for that next position. Another thing that can happen is that people post their information online and update it frequently enough creating plenty of relevance with the name then someone goes to Google your name and the first link that comes up is your Facebook or LinkedIn account. That is fine because you have managed that well and you are showing the right picture, but the next link down is a public records link of a problem you had with the law.  

This problem could have been not a big deal but was put on the public record. Now there is your future employer looking right at it. Remember that companies rarely go directly to a social networking site and type in your name. They go to Google or a search engine and type in your name; so just managing one account if you have multiple is probably not going to work. The best way to get a picture of this is Google the name you use on your job applications and resumes and see what comes up, don’t just look at the links check the images as well. I draw your attention to news stories like Tiffany Shepherd and Michael Phelps. Yet, it is not always necessary to find a picture for social networking to have a completely horrid networking experience. This can be seen in many cases such as Kimberly Swann, 16, of Clacton fired because she posted her job was “boring” in her status update on Facebook or here in the United States of Dan Leone who used to work with the Philadelphia Eagles who wrote on his wall that the Eagles were “…retarded” and lost his job. So you can see now that there are things that you need to avoid at all costs so that you can keep your job or be in a position to get that job by not making one of these vital errors.

Now that you are armed with what companies are looking for and the preemptive steps you can take to make sure that you are positioned right for the job, and you have examples of the irrevocable and big no-no’s of the social networking world when it comes to getting or keeping your job, we are ready to touch on the final area and that is the proactive things you can do to help you achieve the position you desire. There are 10 proactive steps that you can take and we are going to give a short description of how to go about accomplishing each one.

1.      Start learning more about the industry you wish to end up in. You can do this by finding articles and blog information. Looking at the companies in the field and reading about what they do and what they have in common. Look for the competitive advantages. This will allow you to be better informed with how your resume matches up to the positions you will be applying for.

2.      Decide a clear career path. This is different than looking for a job. You need to look at not only where you are now, but where you want to be 3 years and even 5 years from now. Look at what the “expected” career path is in the industry you are interested in.

3.      Update your resume regularly. This is not something that needs to be done daily or even monthly, but I would look at it at least quarterly and make sure that you are updating numbers in your current position. If you are out of a job, keep focused on the education, and remember you can never know too much about what you want to do. So if you are continuing to educate yourself let it be known.

4.      Actively search out people who share the same interests as you. Don’t just sit back and say well if I cast a big enough net out there I am destined to get something. Be targeted toward the goal you have and get to know people out there in the industry. See what you have in common and find ways to talk with them.

5.      Get involved with groups that allow you to show your knowledge. It does no good to be the smartest man in the world and sit at home all day and never do anything. You must share your knowledge with people. Groups on these social networking sites allow you to do that. Put questions out there to help extend your knowledge and of course when you see a question you have a solid answer for don’t hesitate to provide that answer.

6.      Find recruiters and staffers that are specific to that industry. You might not be looking for a position that is staffed out by that exact firm or person, but you never know who they know. So make sure that you are not closing doors just because that individual might not be exactly the right one.

7.      Be active in a positive way on the networks. This means don’t spam everybody all the time, but if you truly have something to share, put it out there and let people know about it. If it is truly topical and of good quality it will be recognized. If the content is consistently solid you might not have to work as long to get the position you desire.

8.      Be specific when asked “What you are looking for”.  I can’t begin to stress this enough. Never be modest in this answer by shrugging it off with something like, “well anything I am qualified for”. This shows a level of indecision and that can hurt you in the long run. Someone who shows they know what they want comes across as confident and organized.

9.      Don’t be afraid to ask your entire network to help you in this quest. Simply put if you are not willing to let the people that care about you, be there for you, why are they there. This is a daunting task especially now in this economy where people are struggling to make ends meet and each person has more than one problem. It is easy to feel like you are piling on, but once again you never know who those people know and who can help you. Never make the assumption that “If they knew someone they would not be in this boat”.

10.  Make looking for your career your job until you find your career. There is an old saying that “a house divided falls”. Well a person divided too much fails. So if you are keeping all the bills and parts of life in order as well as trying to make sure that you are looking for a position and then on top of that just dangling your feet in another area you will never make it. You must make a commitment and when you make that commitment stay with it.

With these ten steps, the reactive parts from above and avoiding the mistakes that can shut you down, you have a good starting point for making social networking a positive force in you finding the career you always wanted. This is not a complete guide in that there are other things that you can do that are outside social networking and those should not be forgotten nor will they be ignored. Right now however, let us take one step at a time and making sure that what you have online is in order can be a huge step in putting things in the right direction.

We started this paper and ended this paper looking at how social media can help you find a job. We looked at the ways to clean up the existing media you have and what the companies are looking for when they go online to see your social networking sites. We have touched on the things that can truly shut down a search or a career online before you even start and gave multiple examples of what those were, who they happened to and the articles so you can read about the stories and opinions. Finally we looked at the proactive steps that you can take to make sure that you are doing what needs to be done to be ready for the career you have chosen, the interviews that will come and the discussions you must and will have. We concentrated online specifically here because we wanted it to be manageable and not something so cumbersome that someone starting the process would feel they could ever finish.  

We also concentrated on the online environment because it is the largest single environment any one person has complete access to. According to a video that I posted from the Google channel on YouTube, on June 17th called “Do You Know Where Things Are Going” in that video he states that the internet community if made into its own country would be the 3rd largest country in the world after China and India. Considering no one person can truly make use of the entire country with just one click except for the internet, this is the largest area one person can focus on. So why not make sure that this area is as complete as possible and as tight as possible. Good luck with your career search and job search.

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Master Your Traffic Generation Craft!

Hi Everyone,

I have just attended our weekly webinar with Dean Holland and he has been talking about traffic generation and becoming a master of one craft at a time, and how consistency is the backbone to success. He suggested several traffic sources I.e. blog posting, video, forum posting, Facebook and that mastering a craft can also mean a combination of a couple of the above.

He is also told us that persisting with the chosen method will in time render results and that not committing to this will only end up with “snail pace” traffic increases. So we need to make our chosen methods a habit.

According to Wikipedia

A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. In the American Journal of Psychology (1903) it is defined in this way: “A habit, from the standpoint of psychology, is a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.”Habitual behaviour often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks.

Dean suggested try to do one or a combination of the following daily
• A blog post every day for 60 – 90 days

• A video on YouTube every day for 60 – 90 days

• A forum post every day for 60 – 90 days

• a Facebook page posting every day for 60 – 90 days

One thing I try to do regularly is a blog post and then post to several social media and web2.0 site, this can be very time consuming when done manually, so I found a very neat WordPress plugin call NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) that is FREE.

SNAP will publish nicely formatted messages to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google+), Blogger, LiveJournal, Delicious, Diigo, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(, WordPress, and Tumblr accounts. So now you have mastered at least one of the above even if it is automatic.

I would say this strategy will only work with blogging, but doing this allows more time to then focus on the other methods. Regards how to make the other methods habitual, I can’t comment because they will be a new venture for me also.

Taking on board all the things that Dean mentioned in the call, the watchword for me is make these chosen methods a habit but if technology can help, use it, providing it doesn’t detracted from your personality or strategic goals. That being said my next method will be that of “forum posting”, which I still have a problem getting my head around.

I’m sure there are many tips that you could add about forum posting, so how about adding some here! Please, feel free to leave a comment below with your number one tip that you would give to a newbie who wanted to start a forum posting.

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Kepuasan Bermain Judi Togel Online


Halo kawan – kawan selamat datang di website yang akan memandu anda agar dapat memilih Agen Togel terpercaya untuk kepuasan bermain togel, Tentu anda sudah mengenal yang namanya perjudian yaitu sebuah ajang permainan taruhan yang tentunya telah diadakan dari sejak dulu bahkan tidak hanya di indonesia saja tetapi juga diberbagai negara lainnya seperti wilayah asia maupun juga dari eropa.Saat ini pun perjudian sudah dapat dimainkan pada layanan online sehingga bisa memberikan kemudahan untuk para pemainnya. Maka tentunya para penjudi saat ini bisa lebih mudah untuk memilih segala permainan yang ingin dimainkan seperti salah satunya adalah permainan qq toto togel 4d.

Maka dengan cara online ini akan lebih mudah maupun tepat sehingga tidak akan mempersulit anda. Permainan togel ini pun telah ada sejak dahulu di indonesia dan bahkan hingga saat ini pun masih sering dimainkan baik itu secara live dengan bertemu bandar atau di tempat tertentu, dan juga banyak sekali yang sudah melakukannya dan bermain melalui online. Maka saat ini permainan Togel Online akan lebih terasa dengan mudah secara online agar berikan anda juga keuntungan yang sangat banyak. Anda pun bisa langsung memilih Bandar Togel yang terpercaya yang sudah berlisensi sehingga anda bisa mendapatkan layanan yang sangat memuaskan di dalamnya dan takkan terkena ataupun terlibat penipuan apapun.

Sebuah permainan Togel Online ini memang tidaklah mudah maupun tidak sulit untuk anda mainkan. Sehingga anda bisa langsung memasang angka yang paling tepat maka anda hanya perlu memahami cara bermain, aturan main, dan juga segala istilah yang ada di dalam fitur perjudian yang akan anda hadapi nanti. Perlu anda tahu juga bahwa permainan togel ini adalah jenis permainan yang sangat berhubungan dengan nomor atau angka yang perlu ditentukan para pemain dengan pertimbangan khusus dan kemudian bisa dikirim kepada Agen Togel. Tentunya sangat berbeda judi togel yang anda lakukan secara online dan secara langsung. Bermain dengan layanan online tentu lebih unggul dan bisa memberikan banyak sekali keuntungan. Dan pilihlah Bandar Togel Online terpercaya dengan cara online maka anda bisa mainkan menggunakan gadget seperti smartphone dan lainnya dan bisa gunakan koneksi melalui internet sehingga anda tak perlu lagi mendatangi Agen Togel Online secara langsung tapi anda bisa bermain dimanapun anda mau karena anda akan selalu membawa handphone anda kemanapun. Dibandingkan judi togel secara langsung atau di dunia nyata maka kadang kala harus menitipkan pasangan nomor kepada teman anda.


Dalam permainan Togel bukan hanya ditentukan dari faktor keamanan serta kenyamanan anda saja akan tetapi dari sisi anda mendapatkan sebuah keuntungan dan juga kenikmatan dalam memenangkan hadiah yang sangatlah besar tersebut, yang sudah pasti akan selalu ditawarkan oleh setiap agen togel. Serta agar bisa mendapatkan sebuah nilai bertaruh yang sangat besar, anda juga harus memasangkan nominal yang juga jumlahnya besar. Dan juga kategori permainan yang anda mainkan merupakan penentu dalam mendapatkan hadiah yang anda dapatkan serta menjadi suatu kemudahan dalam kemenangan yang anda raih nantinya. Karena memang permainan Togel ini sudah ada tingkatan permainannya masing-masing yang mulai dari paling mudah sampai yang memang benar-benar sulit. Dengan pilihan kategori permainan togel online sangat membantu dalam meraih sebuah keuntungan besar yang akan didapatkan oleh para bettor khususnya untuk anda yang masih pemula.


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Succeeding As A Newbie In Internet Marketing

As a newbie you need to learn the fundamentals of internet marketing. Everyone is a newbie in the internet marketing scenario because technology changes so rapidly. Internet marketers, who have been making thousands of dollars every day, can go broke overnight. The methods and the platforms these internet marketers use can go obsolete anytime and get completely replaced with new technology. Those that have relied on particular platforms in support of their business (i.e. Google Ad Words, Facebook ads, etc.) can find themselves completely shut out of their platform overnight, all because the company changed their policies. But the only thing that always remains constant is the fundamentals of internet marketing. Once you know how things work and how to make your knowledge work for you, then you can make a lot of money online.As I have said before, Internet marketing is not a “get rich quick” scheme – Internet marketing is not a place where you should think you will be rich overnight. Despite the claims you see online, 99.99% of the people signing up for Internet marketing will never be rich. I know that may be a “downer” for some of you reading this. But I want to be completely honest with you.Yes, some people will be come wealthy. Yes, there is the possibility you will also, if you stick with the business and continually improve in your skills. If you are going to sign up for a “make money overnight” type of gimmick, you will find out that it is not going to happen as claimed and in most cases, you will lose your investment.It’s just like offline marketing. Instead of a warehouse you have a website; instead of advertising on billboards you advertise using online banners; Instead of meeting customers face to face, you will probably never see or interact with your customers except online. You will be selling your business products online. Your end product may be a digital e-book, but the fundamentals of marketing and sales remain the same, whether it’s selling online or offline. The number one issue in online or offline business success is “find a need – and fill it!” If you do that, you will probably succeed.Have you ever enrolled in one of the offline Multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses?For most people, probably “Not.” Why not? It’s because you know that these Multi-level marketing (MLM) plans can sometimes be illegal. The sharks behind these schemes take advantage of people who want to get rich quick. These guys always get away with the money while the poor souls who have invested their time and money into these schemes will suffer due to their ignorance. In the online world, there are these “so-called” sharks whose only motive is to scam ignorant people out of their money as well.Educate yourself – You need to start educating yourself how the online world works. Learn how Google works. Learn how the webmasters are making their money. You can always search and learn for free online. There are tons of videos and articles online that can teach you how to create a website and maintain it. You can read articles that teach you about online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more you learn then the smarter you will become in evading online fraudsters who promote e-books and e-courses that claim to help you make millions online.Find the “Real” Gurus – If you continue to study, you will find many people who write quality materials. There are many real internet marketing “gurus” online. I really despise that word “gurus,” so I’m just going to call them “coaches.” Because the ones you should really be following do just that – couch. They coach you and help you rather than just focus on selling to you and expecting you to do all the work.When you find someone who matches this criteria, bookmark their websites, go through their content and spend time learning about the business models that these coaches talk about. These coaches have spent a lot of time testing and implementing various business models online. The articles and the videos they produce are pure gold. You can learn a lot from their mistakes. Most are willing to share their mistakes with you in an attempt to help you avoid making the same mistakes.However most of these coaches also sell e-books and guides for varying prices. I recommend avoiding the purchase of these guides because often the information contained may be outdated or too hard to implement (I know I’m upsetting some of them right now just by saying this)! I am not generalizing every internet marketing coach, but you need to make money first and then invest the money on e-books and related services. That is probably the number one thing I repeat to my clients over and over – “only purchase other products once you have made some money from using what you have.” Otherwise you just end up in the “Shiny Object Syndrome” again (which I have covered before).Test, Fail and finally succeed – Every internet marketer who has made money online was never scared to implement their ideas. Avoid procrastination and start producing content and market a product. You will fail several times. But in the end, if you do not give up and you continue trying, you will succeed. The mistakes you make along the way will help you save thousands of dollars in the future. Once you get a handle on things, you will no longer feel scared to implement your ideas. You will also learn more about what business models work and what does not work in your particular online niche.Learning how to make your knowledge work for you is the key to success in internet marketing. You need to use your knowledge to create and distribute ideas that can help others. Internet marketers who are good at promoting various products online are creative and use their creativity to market the products they are selling.As a newbie, believe in yourself, “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve – Napoleon Hill”

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Internet Marketing Explained Part 3 – Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

So you have decided what your online business model will be. So now the question is, how are you going to get your business in front of consumers? The answer is the ever so talked about, internet marketing. The word internet marketing covers quite a bit of ground. So in this article I want to break down a few things that are all considered internet or online marketing. This is not the how-to, rather it is the what-can be done with internet marketing. Some of the things we are going to cover will work as supporting internet marketing tools, while other can function as a complete business for those who only do internet marketing like affiliate marketers for example. In part 4 of this article we will go into building traffic to your site, we will also discuss other aspects of internet marketing in parts 5, 6, 7 and 8.If you are ready to start looking at doing some internet marketing for your business you should have already done all the basic research. Your site should be up with all the basic marketing tools on them, and you will know what your target market is. Since I am going to assume that you do not have the marketing tools on there yet, I will go over a few of them as well.So what internet marketing tools are available for you to use, both on your site and as additional support. The basic ones that you should be aware of and hopefully have on your site is either a newsletter or auto-responder. This requires an opt-in form somewhere on your page that allows you to get a persons email address if nothing else. Most will ask for both a name and email since it allows you to personalize your correspondence with the user. Some other basic tools are of course your copy, images and other content that you can have on your site, but that is pretty much a given. Other tools that can be used on your website as part of internet marketing are for example auctions, coupons, membership areas and of course informational pages. Even though you are not selling the information, it can still be a very valuable tool. Another thing you can do on your site as part of your internet marketing is offer an affiliate program, which of course only works if you are selling something and you are not an affiliate marketer yourself.The next thing I want to mention as part of internet marketing is SEO. This is what makes the search engines deliver your website as a result when people do specific searches. SEO is a big part of generating traffic to you website, or should we say, it can be a big part if you do it right. SEO has two aspects that are both important and need to be done right in order for your internet marketing to be effective. The two aspects of SEO are on-site and off-site optimization. If you approach your marketing on the internet in a well thought out way, you will automatically be doing off-site optimization, but the on-site will require your direct attention, research and work. SEO does not happen over night and is an ongoing process on your behalf to make sure that your site is steadily climbing up the results on the search engines. If you do your research and understand SEO you will not need to focus specifically on it, rather it is something that is built along side your online business.Now here is a brief look at some tools that you can use that are not directly related to your website, or on your website. These are the internet marketing tools you can use in combination with your website in order to increase traffic, exposure, brand recognition and if done right you can use some of these tools to increase your turn over rate of lookers to buyers. A few marketing tool you can use are of course the obvious ones like plain advertisements. This can be PPC, PPM or banner advertisements. In addition you can use classifieds, paid registration with directories and local business registration with some of the search engines. This type of internet marketing can vary extremely in price and depending on what kind of investments you are willing to make, may be over your internet marketing budget. This form on internet marketing is extremely effective, if of course they are done right.Some other forms of internet marketing you can use are things like squeeze pages, social media marketing and email marketing. Squeeze pages are becoming very popular with internet marketers, because you can use them in several ways. This includes using them on your website and/or setting them up to work as a stand alone tool in your internet marketing campaign. A squeeze page or opt-in page as they are also known as is a fundamental tool that requires the use of either a newsletter or auto-responder. Without either of those a squeeze page is useless, because a squeeze page or opt-in page is really nothing more than a tool used to “harvest” names and email addresses of your users. This is done so that you can start utilizing email marketing and establish a relationship with your users, both those who did not buy and those who did buy. Another form of email marketing is buying an email campaign. This can be a very effective way to give your internet marketing campaign a boost. There are vendors out there that offer to do email marketing. This service is provided by companies that normally have spent years building an opt-in list of users that are interested in certain products or services. Email marketing campaigns are normally sold by millions of emails sent and have a pretty good response rate. This means that you can create an email that will be sent to several million users at a time, so if you only get a small fraction of people clicking through to your website it could potentially mean that you get several thousand users to take a look. The last part we want to briefly touch on is a phenomenon that had been up and coming over the last few years. Social media marketing has started to become an internet marketing field of it’s own, with companies often spending quite a bit of the marketing funds focusing on social media marketing. Social media marketing is the term used for internet marketing done on all social networks. A social network is anything that allows users to interact, either in writing, with videos or audio, so as you can guess the term covers almost just as much ground as the them internet marketing does.All of the terms and the tools we have covered in this part are extremely valuable tools. Even though this list is not complete and does not cover all of the tools available for internet marketers, an internet marketing campaign will consist of a combination of these tools. There are several variations that you can use in order to maximize your marketing efforts and I suggest that you educate yourself about how these tools can be used effectively. Once you learn how to use these internet marketing tools in an effective way, you could be the next internet success story.

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Website and Search Engine Marketing Simplified

The advent of the Internet has resulted in the level of competition for businesses now being global expanding throughout countries and continents. The Internet moves at a rapid pace mainly because it is a dynamic process forcing businesses to adapt several types of marketing procedures to conventional offline marketing and advertising.The overall objective of online marketing is always to attract additional people to your website improving buyers for your business and enhancing your company brand. Working with the most cost-effective channels, web site marketing targets specific traffic / potential buyers to your web site depending on your market place and needs.The leading advantage of Internet and search engine marketing as to traditional marketing will be the capability to measure your results in real-time.A successful Online marketing campaign needs conversion tracking programs to measure results. Conversion metrics involve, Cost Per Click (CPC), average cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Return On Investment (ROI). Tracking and putting an importance on the conversion metrics is vital to measuring and optimizing your campaigns so you can get to your closing conversion metric, Return On Investment (ROI). Google Analytics is a no cost conversion monitoring tool used to track the overall performance of your Online marketing campaigns from click to conversion.Website marketing Channels:1. Display advertisingDisplay advertising is graphical marketing and advertising on the web that appears next to content articles on a third-party site including web banners or banner adverts. Display advertising appears on internet pages in numerous forms and contains text, images, logos and maps and is an affordable way to grow your advertising reach. Search marketing and display advertising jointly can increase online revenue.Google Display and Bing / Yahoo! Search Marketing offer substantial display advertising solutions. YouTube offers a video display advert alongside relevant YouTube videos, and/or on web-sites on the Google Display Network that fit your target market.· Google Display Network – The Google Display Ad Builder software within AdWords lets you easily construct compelling image and video ads to make your organization stand out.· Yahoo! My Display Ads – My Display Ads displays campaigns throughout Yahoo! Network Plus. With My Display Ads, it is possible to set up your own ads, target the campaign, and monitor your campaign overall performance.2. Video marketingVideo marketing is presenting information to a possible buyer in video form and guiding them to a product. Online video is progressively becoming a lot more popular and companies are seeing it as being a viable method for attracting customers.Marketers are realizing the importance of creating outstanding video substance as digital marketing and advertising continues to evolve. Video is one of the more exciting means companies can develop curiosity and inbound clients.3. Search engine marketing (SEM)Search engine marketing is the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, contextual / content advertising, paid inclusion and search engine optimization (SEO) procedures.4. Pay Per Click (PPC)Your advert will appear next to or on top in the organic search results for the search phrase you entered in Google or Bing. Pay Per Click PPC Advertising is known as “sponsored ads” along with your Google results page and “ads” with the Bing results page. Advertisers place bids for specific search phrases and when a searcher clicks on an advert, the advertiser is charged dependent on the amount the advertiser bid for that search phrase.5. Contextual / Content advertisingAdvertisers place adverts on other sites that carry information relevant to their products and the ads are displayed to people who are searching for information from those web-sites. The search portal analyzes the content of the web page to find out its meaning and matches related key phrase targeted Content Ads to display on a page.Google AdSense was the first important contextual advertising network.The Yahoo! Bing network comprises 30% in the search advertising market.6. Search engine optimization (SEO)Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your web site in search engine’s organic search results by considering how individual search engines function, what individuals search for as well as the keywords and phrases customers search.Your internet site development and popularity building efforts must be engineered for search engines together with optimized code, content flow design, SEO copywriting and link building.7. Social media marketing (SMM)Social media marketing is the process of gaining targeted visitors through social media internet sites which include blogs, social networking web sites, social bookmarking sites, and forums. Social media marketing promotes your site by sending direct visitors, producing links for your website and creating awareness.· Social networking sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where you could possibly place a link to your web site on your own profile. The largest gain comes when other people mention, link to or bookmark your site.· Social bookmarking is a network in which users share with each other details about internet sites, articles, or news items that they like. These Social bookmarking sites include Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Google Bookmarks.8. Email marketingEmail marketing is delivery of a commercial message to a group of people working with electronic mail. Creating a month-to-month E-Mail publication is one of the important web site promotion strategies. It may very well be a newsletter, list of suggestions, industry updates, or new product information.

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Features to Expect From a Search Engine Marketing Company

If you’re looking for ways to increase both your sales and customer base, you should consider hiring a search engine marketing company. And if your UK business doesn’t have a presence on the Internet, you should contract a search engine marketing firm to explore the many benefits of affordable search engine optimization. While there are many other factors you can consider when contemplating a website, if the site doesn’t place high in the most popular search engines, you’ll never realize the full power of search engine marketing. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the features a top-shelf search engine marketing agency should have.Deep Analysis is the First StepEvery search engine marketing company should begin with a thorough analysis of both your needs and goals. Scale is important here and the search engine marketing firm should be able to competently determine the website size and features that best reflect your products and/or services. Armed with that in-depth information, the company should have for its goal a top search engine ranking for your business. And the premiere way to do this is by selecting the correct keywords to include the website’s content.How Search Engine Marketing WorksSearch engines like Google scan your website looking for matches with the search criteria the user types in. These search criteria contain keywords that should match content on your site. Although search engines have additional algorithms for ranking results, if your website is keyword rich, you have a much better chance of gaining top search engine placement. And this is where a professional search engine marketing firm can provide an extremely positive ROI (return on investment). The agency will use specialized tools to determine the most effective keywords and keyphrases to use in your website’s content. Here’s an example: For a company whose primary business is automotive-related, the goal should be to include as many words and phrases that are similar to the “key” keyword “automobile.” Specialized tools are available on the Internet to do just this. Google AdWords, for example, will return several pages of words and phrases related to “automobile,” along with the search volume (number of times a user typed them in). Google returns the information that users typed in the main keyword “automobile” over 2.5 million times. Less used but still effective variations include “automobiles” (over 1.2 million times), “automobile insurance” (over 200,000 times) and “automobile dealers” (over 130,000 times).Other Important ServicesOnce the keywords are determined, the search engine marketing consultant should provide multi-lingual services, since about 70% of people who search the Internet do not speak English. This is a great and cost-effective way to reach new customers and markets. For example, an Internet marketing agency in the UK should also provide content translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese if your goal is to reach customers on the European mainland.Finally, if your site does attain high search engine ranking your consultant should be constantly monitoring and “tweaking” it to improve your ranking even more. A UK search engine marketing company is not only a valuable tool, but also an essential one.

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Increase Your Traffic by Attracting More Visitors

Many people are still questioning how to promote their website so that they can get good traffic. Moreover, interestingly, each has its own requirements for the number of unique visits, for example, some believe that 40 visitors a day is progress, others need at least 200, and the third and 1000 seem small. However, few of them think that the more attention you have got to visitors today, the more they will come to you tomorrow. In any case, below I gave some tips on how to keep visitors on your useful site.

First of all, imagine yourself in the visitor’s place. If this is difficult for you, ask your friend (friend) to visit the website and watch every movement and question. Does he like being here? Is it easy for him to find the information he needs? Will he ever return to your website without your request? Carrying out such tests and eliminating defects (in terms of visitors) you will achieve more success than uselessly occupying top positions in the search engine.

And now about how, after all, are people interested in visiting your website? Here are a few tips (they are a bit off-track, as you might expect):

1. Quality content.

Random visitors on the site, as a rule, not much. Most often you come to those who are purposefully looking for a product, service or information on an issue of interest. The content of your site should reflect the requirements of the visitor. Therefore, it’s better to write content for them than to search for the mythical optimal keyword density.

If you offer a service or a product, the description should be made clear so that in a short period of time you can assess the solidity of the firm, its competence in the matter of interest, the quality of the product, guarantees and so on. Content should keep the visitor’s attention and encourage you to contact the company.

Content is the king, as Google employees say.

And they are right. Even if you have an entertaining website or blog, nothing can attract the attention of the user (design, number of external links or presence of keywords in the title), as content, interesting or useful.

2. Competent navigation.

The visitor has come to a page of your site, usually this is the main page. Most often, when visitors are interested, they want to look through more pages, finding additional interesting (or useful) information (content). In the case where navigation on the site is very simple, they happily “leaf through” your site, already intuitively understanding (or remembering) where what sections are located.

Who knows the social network In contact with, he certainly noticed how quickly you can move from section to section, from one friend to another and so on, no longer hesitating about where to click and where to find the information you need. Remember another site, for example, many people use mail from Yandex or Google Mail. Navigation and mail management is thought out, practically, to the smallest detail. The great success of these postal workers is in the convenience of their use (usability). What prevents you from thinking through the navigation on the site in such a way that you yourself can work with it quickly and pleasantly?

Inconvenient navigation on the site repels and if it, moreover, is not supported by quality content, then do not expect that visitors will long stay on your site or recommend it to someone of their friends.

3. Usability.

In this case, I mean the totality of those parameters that allow using the resource as efficiently as possible. For example, the presence of a large number of banners on the site, pop-ups or oddballs interferes with the interaction of the user with the resource. The same goes for unreadable text, color solutions, convenience of placing blocks and so on. About usability written many articles, they can be found, for example, in Google, be sure to read.

If you provide services, then the visitor should not be distracted from what is offered on the site. You want to detain a client, not lose it?! Therefore, do everything in your power to ensure greater usability of the site, which begins with the design development and ends with the speed of loading the pages.

Remember the sites that you visit most often. Remembered? And now think about why you come back to them again and again? What can you identify from them useful and implement in your project? These three “whales” will help you guaranteed for 1-3 months to significantly increase attendance without the use of a special SEO Expert.

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Important Tips for Selling Your Luxury Home

If you are an owner of a luxury home desirous of selling it, you might be surprised and disappointed to find that there are not many takers for it. The reason behind this reluctance is the fact that people do not want to spend an astronomical sum in buying a residential property. It is like maintaining a white elephant that does not guarantee returns on investment. You must make sure that you keep the luxury home in top condition so that it is able to attract prospective buyers. Also, you need to advertise it aggressively so as to find buyers willing to give your asking price.

Correct Pricing is the Key to Quick Selling

It is understandable if you are deeply attached to your home. But your love and appreciation for your home should not dictate the asking price you set for it when trying to sell it. If you set this price too high, you might be disappointed with the response of the interested buyers. It is a good idea to hold consultations with a real estate agent in your area to set the asking price realistically. He knows the prices of similar properties in the area that have been sold recently and so there is no reason not to believe him in this regard. However, you can double check this information by comparing the figure with the asking price of similar properties currently listed in the market.

First Impressions Are Often the Last Ones

If you are lucky enough to receive a flurry of interested buyers, make sure you are able to hold and sustain their interest through a property that looks beautiful at first glance. Just imagine how a prospective buyer feels when he comes to buy a dream house for his family and sees a structure that looks old and tattered. If there are lawns in the property, ask a gardener to spruce things up. Get the entryway cleaned with high pressure steam and also get minor repairs fixed to give the visitor a good impression.

Use Aggressive Marketing to Tell People about Your Property

There are all sorts of buyers from passive to active in not only domestic market but also at the global level looking to invest in properties. Most owners make the mistake of targeting their gun on rich people thinking they are likely to be interested in buying a luxury home. There are many middle class people who are attracted to the idea of owning luxury properties through financing. Spread the word about your luxury home through print and electronic media and do not leave social media platforms behind. The more you advertise, the higher the number of people across whom the message goes about your property.

Show Patience When Selling Luxury Property

Luxury property is not like an old iPhone or a pet that can sell pretty quickly in your own locality. You have to be prepared for grueling rounds of negotiations with prospective buyers to be able to sell the property at a desired price. Do not jump on to the initial offers you get but also do not reject them outright. If you show patience and wait for sufficient time, you will definitely find a buyer who can pay your asking price.

Hire the services of a real estate agent
It is a long and tedious procedure trying to sell your luxury property. It is a prudent idea to hire the services of an experienced agent who has the experience of dealing in such properties in the past.

• Huge Clientele

A real estate agent has high profile connections and huge clientele when it comes to home buyers. He/she knows how to sell your home to the perfect buyer within no time. On the other hand, not being a professional agent, you don’t know as much home buyers as he knows.

• Perfect Home Value

Sometimes, home sellers find it difficult to sell their homes on their own and the biggest reason for not being able to sell home is that they usually overprice their home and don’t analyze the contemporary market prices. However, professional and experienced real estate agents help them price their home perfectly so that that may get more potential home buyers quickly.

• Convenient Process

Professional realtors make the selling process convenient for the home sellers. For instance, there are many home sellers who don’t want to get involved in documentation or to deal with home buyers all the time. Here the agents will help you and get your home sold by potential home buyers.

• Motivation to Sell

Selling homes is their professional and they’ll get their commission only when they sell a house. So there is enough motivation for them to delicately sell your house to potential home buyers.

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Get Affordable Home Insurance in Calgary

There are many reasons to get home insurance in Calgary. First of all, you want to make sure your house, cottage, or tenancy is covered for damage, theft, and flooding. Secondly, you want to know if you are overpaying for home insurance, and if you are, you want to know if you have access to a more affordable insurer. We can help you connect with a live insurance broker who will give you the information you need to insure your house in Calgary. You can also request a quote from at least 10 Canadian home insurers, so you can compare rates.

Typical Home Insurance Premiums
Home protection prices are different for rented and owned properties. Tenants insurance for rented homes covers the basic contents of a house and some liability (you may need a separate policy for fine art, wine collections, furs, and other expensive, atypical items). Tenants insurance is often cheaper than homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance covers the building and its exterior, as well as risks connected to theft, fire, earthquake, etc. Since the value of the building is much higher than the contents of a rented unit, homeowners insurance premiums are significantly higher than are the premiums for tenants insurance.

In order to have a broader picture of home insurance rates in Canada, here are statistics of the average home rates in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, and Canada. These statistics are provided by InsurEye.

In Alberta, monthly house insurance rates are typically $84 for homeowners and $49 for renters.

In Ontario, monthly home insurance rates are typically $78 for homeowners and $42 for renters.

In British Columbia, monthly home protection rates are typically $85 for homeowners and $47 for renters.

Across Canada, monthly home insurance rates are typically $77 for homeowners and $41 for renters.

Examples of Calgary Home Insurance Quotes
Home insurance quotes in Calgary depend on the size of a building, its location, and possible risks (like flooding). The following examples of house insurance quotes will help you better understand how much home insurance can potentially cost you:

· For a 2,800 square foot, two-storey house in Calgary, in the neighbourhood of Altadore near River Park, expect approximately $98 monthly ($1,176 a year).

· For an 850 square foot, two-bedroom condominium on the 12th floor in downtown Calgary, next to Central Memorial Park, the insurance costs are approximately $23 a month ($276 a year).

· For a one-storey house in Calgary, in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, located close to 4th St NW and the Trans-Canada Highway, the insurance is approximately $62 monthly ($744 a year).

Flooding Coverage for Homes in Calgary
Since Calgary often sees flooding, every homeowner should be prepared for the possibility of this risk and should understand the main aspects of home protection and flooding. One thing you should keep in mind is that home protection in the flood-endangered areas of the city is more expensive because of the much higher risk.

There are four main types of flooding. It is important to remember that your home insurance policy treats each of them differently:

1. Overland flooding occurs as a consequence of water (rain or melting snow) entering your house from the outdoors. Standard insurance in Calgary does not cover expenses from overland flooding. However, some companies do provide coverage for this type of flooding at an additional cost.

2. Roof leakage can be covered or not covered, depending on the factors that caused it. If the roof was in poor condition from the beginning, your insurance provider will not cover the damage. Your home insurance will most likely cover damage from a natural cause, like hail.

3. Your insurer will cover plumbing issues, only if you comply with the rules in your policy, such as having somebody visit your home while you are not there for extended periods of time (for example, while you are on vacation).

4. Sewer backup happens when wastewater is driven back into your house. Traditional home protection does not cover this type of flooding. However, you can always purchase this type of coverage as an addition to your home insurance policy.

The Difference Between Condo and Tenants Insurance in Calgary
Owners of condos can purchase homeowners insurance for their condo. The condominium corporation purchases commercial condo insurance. The difference between these two policies is in what part of the condo they cover. The homeowners insurance covers the contents of the condominium. The coverage also includes protection for upgrades, locker contents, third party liability, theft, additional living expenses, and sometimes special insurance assessments.

The commercial condominium corporation’s insurance covers the building’s exterior (envelope), together with its infrastructure and common areas.

Condo renters in Calgary need tenants insurance to cover the contents of their condos. This type of protection is usually mandatory and is part of the rental contract. In addition to the coverage of contents against theft, fire, and other hazards, the insurance also extends to third party liability and additional living expenses. Living expenses are for the cases when the condo is unlivable (due to earthquake, flood, fire, etc.), so the renter is forced to live in a hotel or rental unit until the condo repairs are complete.

10 Ways to Save on Home Insurance in Calgary
Here are a few ways to save on your home coverage. For more savings, get an insurance quote and contact an insurance expert.

1. Professional membership. Members of unions or professional organizations can get a discount on their home insurance. Insurance companies, like Meloche Monnex Insurance, also provide their members with insurance policies.

2. Hydrant or fire station. If your home is close to one of these things, you can ask for a discount from your insurance provider.

3. Discounts for students. Some insurance providers give discounts for students. As for dependent students who live alone, their parent’s home insurance may cover the insurance on their apartment at no additional charge. For example, Desjardins Insurance provides this discount.

4. Discounts for graduates. TD Insurance is an example of an insurer that offers discounts for graduates from post-secondary institutions like McGill University or the University of Toronto.

5. Quit smoking. Many insurance companies increase home protection premiums for smokers due to the potential fire risk.

6. Change your policy. Those with tenant insurance should rethink the size of their coverage – perhaps some things that do not have much value do not need additional coverage.

7. Security of your home. Does your home have additional security, like a doorman or security guard? This might get you a discount from your insurance provider.

8. Direct insurer. Also called a captive agent, a direct insurer represents one company and can offer their products for a cheaper price when compared to insurance agents or brokers.

9. Consumer reviews. Other home insurance consumers often share their experiences of purchasing insurance and making claims. Thanks to these insights, you will be able to avoid unexpected costs and overpayment.

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